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Aguilar's Natural Concepts: Natural Horsemanship Training

Alfonso Aguilar is one of the pioneers of modern natural horsemanship training, and has held courses in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Australia. For all his courses Alfonso’s motto is… “Above all else, have fun. And at the same time, you will learn.” He tells his students to focus on having fun, and they'll learn at the same time. The skill level or style that one has is not important. Alfonso creates an environment where the horse is allowed to express his own nature. Only then can we understand the horse and are able to help him better understand what we want from him. We want the horse to feel comfortable with us and at the same time he will be able to push himself for us. The horse will then become a content and secure companion. At the end of the program we hope to create a trusting relationship between human and his horse.

Anna Twinney's Reach Out to Horses Program

The Reach Out to Horses Program clinics & sessions are designed to offer a unique opportunity to learn and experiment with the methods and concepts of the language of the horse. Through this hands-on approach, participants will gain insight and understanding into the mind of the horse, thus helping to create a trust-based partnership. Anna Twinney is taking natural horsemanship to another level – incorporating body language, energy work, animal communication and other healing modalities – all of which show how to reconnect to the passions within. This is a chance to work with a talented and enlightened coach who is committed to building and enhancing the relationship between horse and owner through positive understanding and communication. Anna Twinney offers courses, clinics, private training, one-on-one instruction, and more.

Barb Apple's Horse Play

Barb Apple offers natural horsemanship and centered riding clinics and lessons near Olympia, Washington. Cowgirl spa weekend retreats. Overnight horse and rider accommodations. New DVD/CD combo "Create a Balanced Ride." Tack for sale.

Betsy Moles

Betsy Moles is a clinician in Canton, Georgia. Let her 9 years of experience with natural horsemanship training and instruction help you and your horse get on the path to a better partnership. Betsy can work with groups in a clinic setting or individuals in a private setting. Betsy is a excellent colt starter, placing fourth out of forty trainers in the 2009 Ocala Mustang Makeover and competing in 2010 Mustang Magic competition. She can also transform problem horses. Whatever your training and instruction needs are, she helps both English and Western riders.

Bryan Neubert

Bryan was raised on his family's ranch near Salinas, California. In his teen years he became friends with neighbor Bill Dorrance. He spent all the time he could with Bill, working with horses and braiding rawhide. After college he worked with Bill steadily, starting and riding colts on Bill's ranch. During this time Bryan met Bill's friend Ray Hunt and Bill's brother Tom Dorrance. He had many opportunities since those years to work for and with these gifted men. They have greatly influenced and helped him learn what he is able to accomplish with a horse and ultimately with parts of his life. Bryan is eager to share what he has learned. He believes that he is constantly learning and considers himself to be a continual student of horsemanship. Bryan holds clinics at home in Alturas, California, and around the United States and Canada. His website includes his clinic schedule, his own stories, and information on his videos.

Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman is a leading natural horsemanship trainer and clinician. "I've started horses since I was 12 years old and have been bit, kicked, bucked off and run over," Buck says. "I've tried every physical means to contain my horse in an effort to keep from getting myself killed. I started to realized that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does. This method works well for me because of the kinship that develops between horse rider." His website includes information on his clinic schedule, his DVDs and books, and more.

Buckley Sport Horses

Lester Buckley's website has information on himself and his clinics, lessons and training. He is committed to being a lifelong student of the horse and he has studied and apprenticed with several top horsemanship, cutting, dressage and show jumping trainers from all over the world. With broad theoretical knowledge and his varied riding and training experience, he offers a well-rounded understanding of the nature of the horse and it’s training.

BW Natural Horsemanship

Classes in essential horsemanship are available at the Lone Hall ranch, in Castaic, California.

I have helpful insights and other contact information about my natural horsemanship method located on my web log.

Canadian Natural Horsemanship

Canadian Natural Horsemanship, located in Beaverlodge, AB, has been developed to effectively meet the needs of equine enthusiasts. Its goals are to reach all levels of horsemen/horsewomen to help them develop safer, affordable, informative, step-by-step user-friendly techniques that apply for all disciplines of horsemanship. Clinician Nettie Barr's personal approach takes into consideration the confidence and dignity of
both horse and handler, creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere for learning. Setting people up for success with lasting results has been the focal point and strength of her approach.

Centered Riding - developed by Sally Swift

Centered Riding ® was developed by Sally Swift, and is now taught by instructors all over the world. Centered Riding is an innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery. "The ultimate goal of Centered Riding," said Sally Swift, "is not to be a discipline unto itself. It must go forward in its purest and least complicated form so it may be integrated into all disciplines of riding."

Chelsie Natural Horsemanship

Chelsie Natural Horsemanship is based on 5 components: Lightness, Politeness, Patience, Consistency, and Confidence in both people and horses. Chelsie creates a learning environment in which her students feel safe and relaxed. She appears internationally conducting clinics, private lessons, and training. Please visit our website to request your free DVD!

Cleland Horsemanship

Cheshire horsewoman Chanti Cleland offers clinics all over the UK to riders who want to establish a connection and partnership with their horses without using force. Chanti's clients include riders committed to fine-tuning their horsemanship and those ready to give up on their horses and hang up their reins.

Cooler Horsemanship

Cooler Horsemanship has strived to develop an intelligent, structured program that horse owners can use to discover where they are in their relationship with their horse, and learn how to get where they would like to go. By studying the Theories of ATRUM, and using the Fundamentals of ATRUM, students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to build a relationship of willing cooperation.

Cornerstone Natural Horsemanship

Study with natural horsemanship trainer/clinician Stephanie Clark in Bluffton, Alberta.
Having dedicated her own life to better understanding the horse, Stephanie is passionate
about developing a partnership between her students and their horses.
After spending years throughout the US studying and teaching, as well as in Australia,
Stephanie has returned to Canada to teach and train.

Cowboy Dressage - home of Eitan Beth-Halachmy

"When a dressage fits your needs, but a Stetson fits your lifestyle." Cowboy Dressage is a combination of traditional Western and classical horsemanship. Each discipline of horsemanship is time-honored and recognized on it's own. When you combine the philosophy and practice of each and add music... you create art. Art is what Cowboy Dressage is all about: a medium of self expression through the freedom of pure horsemanship. Although Eitan no longer accepts outside horses for training, he continues to train his own horses, and together with his wife, Debbie, now hold a School of Horsemanship at their ranch. Visit their website to find out more about Cowboy Dressage, their School of Horsemanship, DVDs and much more.

Dances with Horses - home of Frank Bell

Frank Bell's horse training philosophy is refreshingly unique in that it encompasses a much bigger picture of the horse than most trainers bring to their first meeting. In this day and age of hurrying, seeking immediate gratification, and take, take, take, he has chosen to do nothing but give to his horses—until they are ready to give back to him—willingly, happily, and eagerly. His website has a lot of information about his approach to natural horsemanship, including articles, information on his videos and equipment, and much more.

Don Halladay: 3 Star Parelli Clinician

Don Halladay is a Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinician - licensed as a 3 Star Instructor, 3 Star Horse Starter and 3 Star Foundation Training. When he isn't working on his own horsemanship, Don can be found teaching clinics across Canada with his wife, Randee, a 1 Star Instructor. Don and Randee offer a wealth of knowledge and a supportive learning atmosphere, plus clinic participants are able to benefit from the knowledge and attention of two Parelli Licensed Instructors. For more information on clinics and the PNH program, visit their website.

Downunder Horsemanship - home of Clinton Anderson

This is the official website of world-renowned natural horsemanship clinician Clinton Anderson, who emphasizes gaining horses' respect. Anderson is a native Australian who turned a boyhood passion for horses into the desire to help people create a better relationship with their equine partners. Today, he has dedicated his life to inspiring the dreams of horsemen and runs Downunder Horsemanship based in Stephenville, Texas where he travels extensively sharing his training Method. The website includes information on his clinics, television show, and products.

Dr. Robert M. Miller: Horse Behavior, Horse Training & Natural Horsemanship

Dr. Robert M. Miller is a world renowned speaker and author on Horse Behavior and Natural Horsemanship. He is also father of the revolutionary foal training technique known as "imprint training". His books are widely known and available all over the world. He strongly supports the "revolution in horsemanship" and has become a mentor to natural horsemanship clinicians around the world. His ability to explain how and why the clinicians training techniques are so effective has made him a driving force in the movement towards better, more humane, AND more effective training of horses.

Dressage, Naturally with Karen Rohlf

Karen Rohlf's goal is to achieve the most noble results in dressage while actively preserving and improving the partnership with the horse. She has trained over 20 years in dressage with Anne Gribbons ('O' dressage judge, International Grand Prix trainer and competitor) and studied Parelli Natural Horsemanship directly with Pat and Linda Parelli. She works to create stronger partnerships and healthy bio-mechanics by combining the principles of natural horsemanship with the art of dressage.

Equine Behaviour

World-wide Workshops, Private Sessions, Advice, interventions and work on Behaviour, Education - Re-education, for more harmony and high quality in the Horse / Human relationship, without any form of force, cruelty, punishment & dominance!

My work will enable you to better understand your horse and his behaviour, to solve most behaviour problems, to reach lightness and harmony with your horse and to be safer with horses.

Equine Partners, Inc: Natural Horsemanship with Erin Murphy

Instructor and trainer Erin Murphy teaches humans and develops horses at her ranch in northern California. She has practiced natural horsemanship for 20 years. "[Erin] is a master.... Patient, methodical, talented, and dependable. She stands out in an occupation that includes too many unqualified individuals." - Robert M. Miller, DVM.


What is your horse dream? How connected and bonded do you want to be with your horse? Do you want to be able to peacefully ride across open pastures or dance with your horse in high level maneuvers with freedom in such things disciplines including to Classical Dressage, Reining, Jumping, etc.? Experience, enjoy softness, flow with grace and beauty! Equineship is a horse training approach that was founded by Alicia McKendrick which focuses on the concepts of forming a connection with our horses. No Pain. No unnecessary force. No distrust in the partnership. An equi- (equal) blissful natural connection, Equineship. With the knowledge of using relaxation and active energy, understanding the awareness of the mind, and developing self carriage with balancing the body we build safe, fun, loving, able equine bonds. A program set up to help clarity in understanding the nature of the horse to find connection and success! "It is exceptional, unexplainable enjoyment every time I get to journey with my horses' and all other horses and would love to help you experience that too." So what do you want to achieve with your horse? The possibilities are infinite!

Extra Mile Ranch - home of Tim Fortune

Tim and Patti Fortune run Extra Mile Ranch, a natural horsemanship training facility near Stayner, Ontario. Ever since studying Pat Parelli's program, Tim has trained horses professionally and helped people learn how to communicate with their horses. His passion is to see horses and people excel, and he rides 30 to 60 horses a year including young and challenging horses.

Tim continues to attend clinics and study anything to do with communicating with horses more effectively. He has had the privilege of riding with Richard Shrake, Larry Stewart, Don Halladay, Karen Rolf, and Ray Hunt. Tim believes that Natural Horsemanship is a continual journey where the learning never stops.

GaWaNi Pony Boy

GaWaNi Pony Boy is a horse behaviorist, clinician and author. He has galvanized millions of people to "get real" about their horses and create more effective, positive relationships. Having begun his career as the horse industry’s resident expert on horse/human relationships, GaWaNi Pony Boy continues to deal with real-life issues in his signature "tell-it-like-it-is" style at clinics and workshops held worldwide. His website includes information on his courses and schedule, and also has a forum for fans to discuss his ideas.

Glenn Stewart - The Horse Ranch

Glenn Stewart has over 25 years of experience in the horse industry, having taught thousands of students across North and South America, and spent 10 years as one of the highest rated Parelli Professionals, spending 1-3 months a year for 12 years studying directly with Pat Parelli. Glenn has been honoured to ride with and learn from Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Leon Harrel, Ronnie Willis, and many other great horsemen and women.

Glenn loves horses and helping people achieve extraordinary results with them! He travels extensively throughout the year doing clinics, demonstrations, colt starting sessions, and also offers Camps and a 3 Month Horsemanship Course at his home, The Horse Ranch, as well as the High & Wild Wilderness Adventures, and the Brazilian Horsemanship Adventure. He rides 30-60 outside horses per year, including young horses, restarts, challenging horses and foundation training as part of the Horse Ranch Horse Development program. Visit for more information and to shop for Natural Horsemanship tack, equipment, and DVDs in our online store.

Good Horsemanship In Squamish, BC

Good horsemanship never compromises the horse's dignity, confidence or curiosity. Our training philosophy respects the horse's true nature, allows for individual progression, and encourages and trusts the horse to think for itself. A confident, soft, and willing partner is the end result.

We offer lessons, training and boarding that embrace these principles.

Harry Whitney

Harry Whitney prefers not to call himself a horse trainer. Instead, he is simply someone who sees things from the horse's point of view. Someone fluent in the language of horses. A perceptive, kind, and clear instructor, Harry is able to help folks understand their horses, not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of their horses. His website includes articles and information on his clinics and philosophy.

Horsepower Productions with Chris Irwin

As a cutting-edge personal coach, Chris inspires and facilitates his students to learn how to harness their inner horsepower through ongoing workshops in Equine Assisted Personal Development. From corporate leadership workshops to parenting and teaching skills, mentoring for disadvantaged youth, therapeutic programs and even the prison system, the scope and impact of Chris' message on how "horse sense can benefit human potential" is reaching far beyond the borders of the horse industry.

HorseSense HorseManShip

The purpose of our training, our books, our lessons and our clinics is to get you thinking. There are many methods of training a horse. It takes many ingredients to train a horse, patience, time, knowledge, a feel, a sense of humour and more! Training today can seem so complicated. We would like to encourage you to keep your training simple and enjoyable. Bring out that “want to” attitude in your horse. Gaited horses are our specialty.

Please come to our websites and find out more about us and Qavah HorseSense HorseManship at and Facebook

Building - Confidence, Consistency, Compassion & Connection. Would you be interested in hosting a clinic?

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